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Reduce Firefox Memory Consumption

December 19, 2009 4 comments

Firefox is really the best web browser in my opinion , for what he does provide :

speed of browsing , portability and his customizability  .

i for myself , has been using firefox since Version 1.5 , and have never switched back to microsoft Windows Explorer .

but since the invention of Firefox 3.x , i have suffered a new problem in firefox that annoys me a little , which is :


since version 3.x and upward , if you open more than 10 tabs and some of them are running videos , memory comsumption has no limits .

the biggest memory consumption i have ever see on my system was about 350 MB , which is not acceptable at all .

but , complain no more , here is a program that saves me from this hell :

Firefox optimizer , is a stand alone  program not a plug-in which optimize firefox memory consumption in real time .

i did not believe my self after running this little program , memory usage goes DOWN to about 1 MB !!!

the least memory usage was 1 MB and the Biggest Was 10 MB

Nothing to say , but , WOW

thumbs up for the man who developed this app , really , i love you Man 😀

my advice for you all , this app is a MUST have for any one who is using Firefox as his default browser .

the bad news is , it is only for windows , Linux user ( Including Me ) will suffer till something like this appears in the Linux world .

Click  Here to download this Awesome Application.

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The Fastest OS Ever !!!

September 2, 2009 2 comments

Remember This name : “Kolibri” , Because You Will Repeat This name Every Time You Are Talking About OS .

Kolibri Also Is Not The Fastest OS Ever , But Also Are Very Low Resource Demand OS I Have Ever Seen .

Of Course Kolibri Is Not Full Os , It Is Categorize as Mini Os .

That’s because It Does Not Offer The Full Capabilities Of Any Other OS’s ( Or This Is How i See This OS ) .
As I See From The Testing Of This OS , There Is Still Some Hardware Detection Errors , And Also No Full Network Capabilities .

Let’s Begin Reviewing This OS :

* About :

Kolibri Is An Open Source Operating System Just Like Linux And Some Variants Of Unix , But the difference is That Kolibr Is Not Based On Any Linux Distribution , It Is Based On Another OS Called ” MenuetOS ” , Which Is Also Not Based On Any Other OS In The World .

It Is A Standalone OS Which Is Written Entirely In ASSEMBLY Language !!!

This Is The Secret Behind It’s Blazing Fast Boot Time And Application Low Time Response And Also The Super Low Resources It Requires .
The OS Maybe At Most Consume A 10 MB Of RAM To Operate , Can You Imagine !!!

Kolibri  Is A russian Word That Means  Hummingbirds , Which Means In Arabic ” العصفور الطنان ” .

Hummingbirds Can flap their wings 12-90 times per second , And As You Can See This Is Why This Name Is Chosen For The OS .

* Booting :

OS Boot Time Approximately  Take 3 SECONDS To Boot !!!


I Just Can’t Imagine That Is Boot Time Is Possible , The Least Boot Time I get On Any Windows OS Was 25 Seconds , And That Was Only Booting Windows For The First Time .

This Unbelievable Speed Come From Using ASSEMBLY language In Coding The Entire OS And Its Apps . ( Who Said That ASSEMBLY Language is Dead   ??? 😀 ) .

Realy Realy , This Is An Awesome Feature And I Wish This Boot Time Can Be Available In LINUX .

Of Course There Is Linux Variant OS’s That Can Achieve This Boot Time , But , It is Only When You Are Using A Modified Bios That Run On Linux Itself .

For More Info About Linux Bios , Please Visit Their Website

* Desktop And Applications:

After Booting You’re Greeted With A Very Simple Desktop

And It Is Also Divided Into Four Sections :

The Upper Right Corner Is For Development And Image Design Programs .

The Upper Left Corner Is For System Utilities .

Both Lower Corners Are For Games .

Kolibri Desktop

Kolibri Desktop

Menu Is organized Well Into Categories And Subcategories .

Categories Available Is :

Games , Demos , Graphics , Sound And Music , Development , System , Data Processing , Network , Help , Run Application , Shutdown .

Although Kolibri Does Not  Come With Plenty Of Programs And Tools , But What Comes With It Is Enough For Current OS Capabilities .

* The Good , The Bad And The Ugly :

*The Good :

Super Fast Boot Time.

Low Resource Consumption .

Very Useful And Handy Especially When Widows Crashes ( Which Is A Normal Thing For Windows )

* The Bad :

No Full Hardware Support , I Had A bad Time Trying To Configure My Network Card To Make It Get An IP Automatically From DHCP Sever .

And Every Time I Configure It and Apply The New Setting , For Some Strange Reasons , When I Launch The Configuration Utility Again It Display The Old Value Not The One I Have Saved .

* The Ugly :

No HTML Support In Its Browser , Which I Find It A Horrible Experience As I Dreamed Of An Os That Can Save Me In Cybercafe Which Is Fully Loaded With Virus , spywares , etc …

* Conclusion :

Very Very Good And Simple OS That Do What It Is Supposed OS Can Do With No Fancy Effects And No Resource Hungry Apps .

I really Enjoyed Testing This OS , But My Networking And Internet Experience Make Me Not To Change My OS To Kolibri .

I Suggest That Every On Try This OS And Have Fun Of It , No Special Requirements Needed And No Fast Connections Also Is Needed , Since The Entire Os Come In 4.36 MB Of size .

Burn It Into CD Or Play With It In Virtual Box .

I Will keep My Eye On This OS , Who Knows They Might Fix Current Issues And We Will Have A Very Great And Fast OS .

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رمضان كريم

August 21, 2009 1 comment

رمضان كريم

رمضان كريم

السلام عليكم و رحمه الله وبركاته

شهر رمضان هو شهر كريم و شهر عظيم

يا رب تقبل منا صيامنا و عباداتنا و اغفر لنا جميعا يا رب العاملين

وان شاء الله يكون شهر خير عليكم و علينا جميعا

بجد فرحان لان تصادف بدأ المدونه مع  بدأ  شهر رمضان

ويكون اول موضوع ليا فى المدونه هو تهنئتكم بشهر رمضان الكريم

وفرحان كمان لانى  سوف اجعل هذه المدونه نافذتى على الانترنت لكل الناس اللى اعرفهم و اللى لسه ما عرفتهمش علشان اعبر عن ارائى و مقترحاتى و انتقاداتى و كمان مفالاتى

بإذن الله هنا حا اكتب عن كل اللى بحبه و او بحبوش

عن مواضيع حلوة قريتها و حابب انكم كمان تقروها

عن مواقع مفيدة واشاركم فيها

والاهم انى حا اكتب مقالاتى عن تجاربى الشخصيه و تجاربى التقنيه

تجاربى مع الويندوز و  لينكس و اوراكل و حاجات تانيه كتير

وانتم كمان تشاركونى هنا بارائكم او تجاربكم

توافقونى او تخالفونى

لكن المهم هو ان هدفنا واحد

اننا كلنا نسفيد

والله المستعان

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