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Reduce Firefox Memory Consumption

December 19, 2009 4 comments

Firefox is really the best web browser in my opinion , for what he does provide :

speed of browsing , portability and his customizability  .

i for myself , has been using firefox since Version 1.5 , and have never switched back to microsoft Windows Explorer .

but since the invention of Firefox 3.x , i have suffered a new problem in firefox that annoys me a little , which is :


since version 3.x and upward , if you open more than 10 tabs and some of them are running videos , memory comsumption has no limits .

the biggest memory consumption i have ever see on my system was about 350 MB , which is not acceptable at all .

but , complain no more , here is a program that saves me from this hell :

Firefox optimizer , is a stand alone  program not a plug-in which optimize firefox memory consumption in real time .

i did not believe my self after running this little program , memory usage goes DOWN to about 1 MB !!!

the least memory usage was 1 MB and the Biggest Was 10 MB

Nothing to say , but , WOW

thumbs up for the man who developed this app , really , i love you Man 😀

my advice for you all , this app is a MUST have for any one who is using Firefox as his default browser .

the bad news is , it is only for windows , Linux user ( Including Me ) will suffer till something like this appears in the Linux world .

Click  Here to download this Awesome Application.

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